India’s unfair actions threaten jobs and economic opportunity
in America

Urgent action is needed to fix a growing bilateral trade relationship worth more than $60 billion. Help Us Take Action

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Over the last year, policymakers and courts in India have engaged in a persistent pattern of discrimination that is hurting a wide range of manufacturing and services industries and jobs in the United States. India has recently mandated domestic content rules that require as much as 100 percent of certain products sold in the country be produced domestically. Administrative and court rulings in India have repeatedly ignored internationally recognized rights - imposing restrictions on medical devices and denying or revoking patents for nearly a dozen lifesaving medications.

India's growing unfair trade practicesrisk a trade relationship worth more than $60 billion in 2012 and raise troubling questions about India's compliance with its international trade obligations. India must end discrimination against exporters in the United States and ensure it is not repeated in the future. The Alliance is urging the Obama Administration to address this matter at the highest levels of the Indian government and use all available tools to achieve results to protect jobs in America. Join us to call for Fair Trade with India.

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India to Western Tech Firms: To Sell It Here, Build It Here

The Wall Street Journal

I don’t think that India is preserving an incentive for innovation. If anything, recent Indian policies are sending a signal that intellectual property is tenuous in this country and will be granted only in those cases where it can benefit India. Thomas Friedman has taught us that the world is flat. It may well be. But, when it comes to drug pricing and intellectual property, the plane is severely tilted in India’s favor.

India John LaMattina,

US-India Business Council, Information Technology Industry Council, Digital Europe and the Tele-communications Industry Association of US, amongst several others, warned this would represent an unprecedented interference in the procurement of commercial entities and be inconsistent with the country’s obligations to the World Trade Organisation.

India bars foreign vendors from national broadband initiative Kalyan Parbat, Economic Times