Omaha World Herald: Letter to the Editor: Terry trade work appreciated

Omaha World Herald: Letter to the Editor: Terry trade work appreciated
July 5, 2013
By Pat Rosenstiel, Executive Director, Trade Alliance to Promote Prosperity

U.S. Rep. Lee Terry deserves a great deal of credit for chairing last week’s hearing on Capitol Hill, “A Tangle of Trade Barriers: How India’s Industrial Policy Is Hurting U.S. Companies.” It was perhaps the most important public conversation to date concerning India’s recent, egregious intellectual property violations.

The United States and India have a solid trade relationship. India was our 13th-largest trading partner in 2011. But this partnership is in jeopardy so long as India continues to violate internationally accepted intellectual property standards.

During the hearing, Terry called out India for its unacceptable trade practices that directly affect U.S. industries, including pharmaceutical, energy, information and communications technologies. These affect thousands of Nebraska companies and hundreds of thousands of workers.

I applaud Terry’s efforts on behalf of his constituents and all Americans. It’s nice to know we’ve got someone keeping an eye on nations that steal and repackage the intellectual property of U.S. companies. I hope he keeps it up.