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The Alliance for Fair Trade with India (AFTI) is a coalition of trade associations, cutting across numerous U.S. industries, which work to remove barriers to trade and investment that U.S. companies face in India. We strive to create a healthy, balanced commercial relationship between our two nations.

Upon taking office in 2014, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi proclaimed India “open for business.” But today it is clearthat India is open only to U.S. investment, not the actual importation of goods and services. A truly healthy bilateral commercial relationship must include all forms of business, conducted in a transparent and fair way.

Today, India’s industrial policies penalize American exports from many innovative and globally competitive sectors – and the problem may be getting worse. A leading India expert in the U.S. says, “India has taken a dramatic protectionist turn” and is “likely to elicit a strong response from the United States andother major trading partners.”

AFTI works tirelessly for constructive change in the U.S.-India trade relationship. Our two nations are bound by common values, shared strategic interests, and economic potential. Our potential as trading partners remains largely unfilled – and only meaningful changes to India’s policies will make the bilateral commercial relationship work as it should, to the benefit of both nations.

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